Statement Regarding COVID-19 Virus


We know how important your pets are to you and that you want to make sure that they'll have everything they need in the event of an emergency.


We, like all of you, are closely monitoring what is happening with the virus. We want to ensure that all of our customers and staff stay safe, while also being able to continue to serve you all and ensure that your pets have what they need.   

 We intend to remain open through this situation (unless we are instructed otherwise). Several of our industry organizations are reaching out to State and Local Government Officials and asking them to include stores like us to be included among the critical infrastructure that is allowed to remain open throughout the crisis.    

 For more frequent updates about any changes to our hours please visit our website,  Facebook or Instagram 


We have implemented a rigorous cleaning schedule that includes frequent cleaning of door handles, freezer handles, and other frequently touched surfaces in the store in addition to a natural antiviral fogger to help sanitize the entire store. We have hand sanitizer available for use as well.


Rest assured that we are NOT anticipating any supply issues on pet food. We have an increased supply on hand to compensate for the increased demand. As of right now, we have not seen any indication of a disruption in our pet food supply chain.


If this pandemic worsens, or you no longer feel comfortable visiting our store:


1- You may call and place an order over the phone, which we can bring to you in the parking lot and place it into your car.


2- For Grooming Clients we can meet you at our door and we can take you pet (out of safety and liability we would not be able to take you pet to or from your vehicle) 


3- If you are homebound and unable to get out to us, we can make arrangements for delivery in a limited metro area. Delivery would be FREE during the COVID-19 situation with any $25 purchase. Please contact us for more information


Before considering shop online for your pets' needs, please think of All American Pet first. We want to ensure the financial stability of our staff and their families during this trying time, as well as the future survival of small businesses like ours in our community.


Thank you, as always, for your business and support- and stay safe and healthy!   


Bobbie Powell &
Richie Powell