Terms and Conditions-- All American Pet

• All American Pet will not accept Pets that are pregnant or in heat at the time of grooming, without prior authorization. We will require additional medical wavier. 

•All American Pet may charge an additional fee for convalescent or geriatric pets; we reserve the right to terminate grooming at any time during the grooming process if we feel that the process will result in unneeded discomfort or present a risk to the pet’s health. You will be charged accordingly for services performed. 

• The client must inform All American Pet if the Pet has any history of showing aggression to people or other animals. Client understands that All American Pet may use a muzzle for the Pet without receiving prior permission from the Client. All American Pet may charge an additional fee if the Pet becomes aggressive and/or may stop the grooming services at any time during the grooming process due to the Pet's behavior. The client will be solely responsible and will indemnify All American Pet, for all damages caused by the Pet's behavior. 

• If the Pet needs veterinary care while in the care of All American Pet, All American Pet will make a reasonable attempt to contact the Client. If unable to contact the Client or if the nature of the Pet's status does not allow time to contact the Client, All American Pet may immediately obtain veterinary care for the Pet, at the Pet Owner’s expense. 

• All American Pet may charge an additional fee to remove mats from the Pet's coat; heavily matted pets will be shaved for their safety and comfort.

• All American Pet will have no liability for any cuts, scratches, or irritations that occur as a natural result of grooming the Pet, including the following injuries; 1. any abrasions that may occur as a result of removing mats from the Pet's coat; 2. any injuries that may occur as a result of the Pet's behavior during the grooming process; and 3. any injuries or death that result of natural causes. 

• If Client arrives to retrieve the Pet before the grooming process is over, the Client agrees to wait outside of the Pet's view. If the Client fails to abide by these conditions, All American Pet may immediately terminate the grooming services and charge the full price for the services. 

• If during the grooming process All American Pet discovers fleas on the Pet, All American Pet may immediately give the dog a flea bath. If All American Pet discovers ticks on the Pet, the ticks will be removed. Additional fees may apply for these services. 

• All American Pet may charge a kenneling fee if Client fails to pick up the Pet before the closing time of 6 pm M-F, 5 pm Sat. 

• All of our grooming is a by-appointment and therefore we may charge a cancellation fee equal to the price of the service if the Client fails to show up for the scheduled time, a 15 min grace period is permitted without prior authorization from our groomer. 

• No show/ NO Call. Failure to cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time, and could result in a cancelation fee equal to the total cost of the pet grooming. If this occurs more than 2 times the client must pay for the missed appointment and must prepay for any future appointment in advance of their next scheduled pet grooming. 

• The client may pay with a check, credit card, or cash, however, we unable to add any gratuity to any credit card transaction. 

•All American Pet WILL charge $25 for any checks that are returned by the bank as having insufficient funds. In that event, Client must pay for future grooming services in cash or with a credit card


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